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ABC Chipper Blades is the best in the business when it comes to the sale and sharpening of wood chipper blades. We offer the best quality wood chipper blades at the best prices.

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Wood Chipper Blades Sales

Here at WP Chipper Hire & Sales we only sell the best quality wood chipper blades. Our chipper blades are universal and fits any wood chipper brand even if they are manufactured locally or abroad. These brands include Bandit Chippers, Vermeer Chippers, Tomcat Chipper and many, many more.

Our professional and dedicated team will provide you with best advice on wood chipper blades. All you need to provide is the model and make of your wood chipper, width & height of the chipper blade and we will know exactly what you will need to continue with business. This means that you won't have to go anywhere else to get the best wood chipper blades at the best prices in Southern Africa.

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Chipper Blades

Sharpening Chipper Blades

Chipper Blade Sharpening

WP Chipper Hire & Sales is the leading chipper hire and services company in South Africa. We have dedicated our lives to improving chippers and their blades. Therefore it safe to say that we our support team has the know-how when it comes to sharpening chipper blades.

Let us sharpen your chipper blades, prolonging the lifespan of your chipper blades thus costing you less in the long run and continueous business.

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